About Us

Image: New cells growing within the retina may provide answers to blinding disease.

The Donald K Johnson Eye Institute conducts cutting edge translational research applying basic science knowledge to develop new treatments for blinding disease. We are part of the Krembil Research Institute, based at Toronto Western Hospital, one of ten hospitals in the University Health Network.  Learn more about the latest research breakthroughs at the Krembil Research Institute.

Toronto Western Hospital is also home to the largest ophthalmology care centre in Canada, and to the Krembil Neuroscience Centre (KNC), which specializes in treating patients with diseases and injuries to the brain, spinal cord and eyes Our ongoing partnerships with these clinicians is essential to ensuring that our findings are applied to improve patient care.

The Donald K Johnson Eye Institute is part of Canada’s leading research university, the University of Toronto. Our program is building capacity in vision research, by training outstanding doctoral and post-doctoral students in collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences. The Donald K Johnson Eye Institute oversees the Vision Science Research Program supporting the training of over 150 students since 2000. Trainees explore questions in fields from molecular genetics and cell development to social work and rehabilitation.