Testing New Treatments and Surgical Approaches

The Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute is a Canadian leader in testing new treatments and surgeries for serious eye disease. Multiple trials take place at the Institute each year, evaluating drugs and pioneering new surgical techniques.

Specialists at the Institute are developing sight saving surgeries.

Retinal surgeons like Robert Devenyi, Efrem Mandelcorn, Mark Mandelcorn, and Wai-Ching Lam have evaluated new surgical approaches to treating detached retinas, the use of drug implants to combat serious eye infections, and the utility of emerging diagnostic tools. Dr. Devenyi and his colleagues are now testing a ground-breaking new therapy, an implanted chip to restores light sensitivity to the retina.


Dr. Allan Slomovic led implementation of another innovative surgery, stem cell transplants to restore sight to people blinded by severe cornea disease and injuries. This is the only Canadian team with the expertise to perform this procedure.

Other medical members of the team at the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute, such as Michael Brent, have been part of evaluating the medications for wet age-related macular degeneration that have transformed the care of this condition, preventing serious vision loss for many seniors. Clinicians like Yvonne Buys and Graham Trope have looked at how care is provided in Ontario proposing strategies for improving the accessibility and utility of care for conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.

This strategic and pragmatic approach to improving vision care at Toronto Western and across Ontario makes the clinicians of the Donald K. Johnson Eye Institute ideal partners for the Institute’s translational science agenda. Together we will build on this legacy of care innovation, combining clinical experience with new biological insights to create, test and implement revolutionary new therapies for blinding retinal disease.